Dr Hatem Khalil Medical Center

Dr. Hatem Khalil  Medical Center is the first center committed to providing the highest level of medical care for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, liver diseases, obesity and gastrointestinal endoscopy by a highly trained medical team equipped with the latest international treatment protocols and the latest medical devices

Colonoscopies Treatment

Dr. Hatem Khalil’s Center for Treatment and Follow-up of the Colonoscopies is an intestinal scanning through the anus. It is necessary to perform this examination in case of unexplained changes in the bowel and suspicion of malignancies.

Gastric Balloon

The stomach balloon is the most non-invasive non-surgical means of weight loss. It is a soft silicone rubber with a tube connector that allows the doctor to fill it with the required amount of sterile saline, air, or both depending on the type of balloon used. It is inserted orally through the mouth using a gastroscope rather than a surgical endoscope under a simple hypnotic effect in a process that takes 3-5 minutes.

Stomach Botox Injection

Stomach Botox injection Is the latest, safest, and most reliable way to treat obesity. The idea is to inject Botox in the wall of the stomach from the inside using a gastroscope that is inserted into the stomach through the mouth under the influence of light sedation without surgery or total anesthesia in a process takes 10 minutes at the maximum estimate.

Treatment of Stomach Ulcers 

In the center of Dr. Hatem Khalil, We Provide to treat all stomach ulcers problems, whether by describing appropriate treatment or if intervention is required to treat them through immediate Operational intervention in cause of acute bleeding or stomach Ulcers.

Treatment of liver diseases 

Dr. Hatem Khalil Center provides the best treatment of liver diseases and follow up, either through a healthy diet or through surgical intervention, or resort to liver transplantation due to liver disease.

Treatment of stomach disorders

Most people have a problem with the stomach at one time or another. Indigestion and heartburn are common problems. You can relieve some stomach problems with medicine, and avoiding fatty foods or eating more slowly.


Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


Stomach Botox Injection


Gastric Balloon Cases


Colonscopy Cases

 Dr Hatem Khalil Medical Services Center

We treat and follow cases of diseases of the upper and lower digestive system and do all endoscopes and Treat cases of liver diseases and weight Problems using the latest Medical protocols as well as Weight Loss Programs and Procedures Like Gastric Balloon and Stomach Botox Injections.

Weight Loss Operation Success Rates

Gastric Balloon Operation
Stomach Botox Injection
Other Weight Loss Operations (Surgical)

 Dr Hatem Khalil Medical Center Operations

Weight loss Operations by Gastric balloon and Botox injection Nowadays are The easiest and most effective means of weight loss without surgery or total anesthesia with Prof. Dr. Hatem Khalil, leader of weight loss Operations without surgery.
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy procedures
Gastric injection with Botox
Gastric Ballon Operation